Stephen James Daly DO

Cardiologist owns my heart

Cardiologist owns my heart


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16 comments on “Stephen James Daly DO

  1. You make me want
    To be nice to others
    How crazy is that

  2. Today I wish
    The thirty people you meet with
    Will offer you their hand
    Look into your eyes
    And say
    Thank-you Doc

  3. Today is the 50th anniversary of the death of JFK
    You would have been 13 years old
    Probably in Catholic School
    A seventh grade alter boy
    A lot has changed since that day
    So today is all about JFK
    All I can think about is you

  4. You deserve
    To be happy
    To feel loved
    To feel appreciated
    You deserve to be the reason
    Someone wakes up each day
    You deserve to know someone is thinking of you

  5. I should not feel this way at my age
    It seems ludicrous to me
    I wonder if this is what it is like to get old
    I can’t get you out of my head
    I wake up thinking about you
    I go to sleep thinking about you
    24/7 you are in my head
    There is only one woman on this earth who should feel the way I do
    And I am not her
    I hope she feels the way I feel
    I hope she thinks about you 24/7
    I hope she tells you
    I wish I could tell you
    I wish I was her

  6. I love to watch you sleep
    All tension removed from your face
    You are you
    I love to trace your face with my finger
    Your ears – your nose – your lips
    You are beautiful
    I need to taste your lips
    Your breath warm against my want
    My fate is sealed
    My lungs are famished
    You have become my life

    I love you

  7. When the winds come
    To carry me away
    I will not fight
    For you have made my life complete

  8. I would have liked to know you as a child
    See what triggered you to be
    Thank all those who played apart
    Carve our initials in a tree
    While your heart was still untouched
    Your soul still innocent/divine
    I would have liked to know you as a child
    I would have claimed you tightly
    Made you mine

  9. It is Thanksgiving
    I am not a holiday person
    I hope you are enjoying your family
    I hope you enjoy your meal
    I hope your travels are safe
    I am thankful you entered my life
    I love you

  10. ‘May I touch you?’
    You truly asked me this?
    Who asks this?
    Made me feel like fine crystal
    A Rembrandt
    The old hand written Dead Sea Scrolls
    You are an amazing man

  11. My name
    I do not believe I have ever heard you say my name
    Not my true name
    You have chosen from the very start to say it the way only two others have ever said it
    My father and my brother
    Both gone long before we met
    How you would have grasped the name you call me I will never know
    A shorter version – using less letters and more letters – the spelling changed
    You know my true name – as it is written throughout my file
    I have never felt the urge to correct you
    At first I was truly startled
    Now I find it endearing
    So natural
    The way you say
    My name

  12. I love you as I have never loved
    With a force I cannot restrain
    It has claimed my body – soul – my mind
    I don’t know who I am
    I am terrified

  13. I would give anything for you to be happy
    For your world to be perfect
    Your life free from stress
    I would offer everything
    To see you smile – always

  14. I woke today with thoughts of you
    I forced myself back to sleep

  15. I express my feelings
    You just smile and shake your head
    As if I am a juvenile with my first crush
    So aggravating your indulgence
    I insult myself by allowing this
    Then you kiss me
    Destroy my resolve
    Eliminate my defenses
    My turn to smile and shake my head
    I express my feelings

  16. To hear awakens
    To see arouses
    To touch ignites
    To smell engulfs
    To taste – ah to taste
    Is to experience – appreciate – enjoy
    One moment with you
    Turns me on

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